Prototype Sheet Metal Stampings

Auto Metal Craft, manufacturer of custom prototype stamping and assemblies, is the industry's choice for sheet metal components and assemblies.

What Auto Metal Craft Can Do For You

  • Prototype sheet metal stamping and assembly specialists
  • Short-run or low production/service volume
  • Service stampings and assemblies
  • Metal forming and metal prototyping
  • Aftermarket and experimental stampings
  • Hot stamping
  • Aluminum and stainless steel stampings
  • Prototype structures and soft tooling
  • Experimental soft tooling stamping die sets and tryout
  • Press hardening steel technology or PHS
  • In-house tool construction capability
  • Rework sheet metal parts and stamping assemblies
  • One-of-a-kind metal fabrication
  • Prototype and experimental metal hardware simulation
  • MIG / TIG and resistance welding short run prototypes
  • Mechanical fastener installation and joint testing
  • Laser cutting and laser blank development
  • Automotive, appliance, marine, architectural, agricultural applications
  • Pre-launch program management services
  • OEM direct and Tier Supplier project management
  • CMM part inspection and reverse engineering
  • Part tagging, ASN delivery Detroit area OEMs
  • Math modeling assistance and engineering support
  • Metal stamping layout and pre-launch support rework services
  • Complete web-based advanced shipping and barcoding
  • ISO certified capable resources for on-time delivery
  • Confidential project management and record keeping
  • Specialists in prototype stampings and assemblies

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